Latest Summer / Spring Collection March 2018

Latest Summer / Spring Collection March 2018

VTMT Latest Summer Spring collection 2018 will be gravitates toward vintage element of 60s and 70s. By remaining our simplicity as our design origin blending in the styles of previous era makes this collection presenting both uniquely modern and totally timeless. 


We will have four different design of t-shirts for the collection, each of it features with vintage trends on it. Just like bar tee  using three colours of  stripe (red, blue and white)  elements of  60s and 70s rebellious and hipster signature. 

Bar Tee 我們採用了三種不同的條紋元素(紅,藍,白)這些顏色的搭配象征著在60~70年代的叛逆心態。最後是我們的熱賣商品

While the flag tee is applying flag as the main abstract of this shirts and extracting vintage colours into the flag.  

Flag Tee 顧名思義就是採用了旗子為主題,我們使用了幾種復古色系融入在內,是一個值得入手的一件商品。

Layer tee will be using layer cutting on the hem. The font using on the back of shirts have two different colours with two layer that makes the font looks like an illusion. 

Layer Tee顧名思義就是以漸層的概念去設計這件衣服,除了在衣服上的切割當中採用了前短后長的設計,就連背後那VTMT的字體也是採用了漸層的概念,帶給大家一種充滿幻影的感覺

Last but not least introducing you our casual tee it looks clean and concise but advocated by alots of fans/followers/buyers. It also have our slogan” We Make Our Own Story” behind our VTMT logo on the Front of this shirt, the slogan encourage all our buyers and fans have courage to chase for their dream and have their own outfit’s style with our apparel.

Casual Tee 雖簡單可是卻充滿含義的一件衣服,衣服上所寫到的“We Make Our Own Story”是希望每位消費者在穿上我們的衣服后可以創造屬於自己的一種風格還有故事

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